Soaring Global Debt – The Reality Check in Numbers

Soaring Global Debt: The Reality Check in Numbers

The fact that global debt is growing throughout the world is widely acknowledged and well documented. However, when faced with the numbers, the magnitude of the problem is still quite shocking to read. An article last week in Washington’s blog gives us a stark and timely reminder of those facts. The volatile geo-political environment we are entering into, coupled with this growth-stifling debt, makes for a dangerous economic combination.

[Source: Forbes Business/Statista]


“The debt to GDP ratio for the entire world is 286%. In other words, global debt is almost 3 times the size of the world economy. Both public and private debt are exploding and – despite what mainstream economists think – 141 years of history shows that excessive private debt can cause depressions”.

These global debt figures cannot be ignored. Indeed, many erudite economic commentators have been highlighting the reckless monetary policies being pursued by governments around the world that is feeding our debt crisis.

“The underlying cause of this debt glut is the $12 trillion of free or cheap money created by central banks since 2009, combined with near-zero interest rates. When the real price of money is close to zero, people borrow and worry about the consequences later.” Paul Mason (See: “Apocalypse Now: Has Next Giant Financial Crash Already Begun?”)

Similiarly, Jeremy Warner’s recent warnings about our imminent slide into fiscal crisis in “Europe is sliding towards the abyss, and the terrorists know it” reminds us of the vast expense of going to war. A decision that has very long-term repercussions economically and is a situation over which it would appear we have little or no control over, if the threat of terrorism is to be contained.

“Indeed, not only does war lead to debt, but high levels of debt lead to more war.”

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Gold in USD – 5 Years

Gold closed down $4.80 on Friday to $1077.20 – a loss of 0.44% for the week. Silver was down $0.12 to $14.15, a loss of 0.56% for the week. Platinum lost $4 to $849.


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