Fed, ECB “Monetary Insanity” Is “Frightening” – Gold Rigged … For Now

Fed, ECB “Monetary Insanity” Is “Frightening” – Gold Rigged … For Now

Max Keiser interviewed GoldCore Research Director, Mark O’Byrne last week and the video was released on Saturday.

Key points and topics covered:

– “Monetary insanity” of ECB and Fed is “frightening”
– “Absolutely nothing has been learned” since financial crisis
– “Financial hypocrisy on a grand scale”
– Ireland was vassal of Bank of England and now ECB
– Ireland needs to get “financial and monetary independence”
– Huge demand for gold and yet prices manipulated lower
– Real unemployment is U.S. probably 15-20%
– Dollar may rally in short term but vulnerable in long term
– Russia, China may monetise gold as geopolitical weapon
– Gold and silver are “hedges for you in local currency terms”

You can watch video here


Today’s Gold Prices: USD 1068.00, EUR 973.96 and GBP 703.67 per ounce.
Friday’s Gold Prices: USD 1067.20, EUR 973.86 and GBP 704.93 per ounce.

Gold in EUR – 10 Years

Gold gained $6.50 on Friday to close at $1078.20, a loss of 0.65% for the week.  Silver was down by $0.16 to close at $13.95 a loss of 4.12% for the week.  Platinum lost $11 to $841.


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First published here: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-14/fed-ecb-%E2%80%9Cmonetary-insanity%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%9Cfrightening%E2%80%9D-gold-rigged-%E2%80%A6-now


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