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History of Silver Infographic by Visual Capitalist

silver1-1Here’s a cool info graphic about the history of silver. Hopefully I can find part 2&3 which cover silver’s supply and demand and silver as an investment.


More Scrapping…

If I ever have the urge to be a professional scrapper, Mike the Scrapper would be my guy. He’s actually scrapping silver from a computer keyboard and mouse.

As you can tell, I secretly have an obsession with the whole scrapping concept, especially when it comes to silver. It’s just so many different place that you can find silver.

A How To On Gold & Silver Computer Scraping

This definitely looks like something that I would have done in my earlier days. I honestly don’t know if it’s worth the time based on how much gold or silver you would get out of the machine.

My real question is, how many different computers would one have to strip in order to get about an ounce of silver?

On a side note, there are many comments that make me realize that people are really experts at this kind of thing. So metals recovery is an actual THING?

Silver Is My Thing But…

First off, I will not try and school everyone about the ins and outs of silver all in on day… or week… or month for that matter. This takes time — a lot of time. Like my brother in law says, “Imma learn ya,” but it will definitely take a little bit of time. Until then, enjoy the many facts, blurbs and information on my absolute favorite item in the world, SILVER!!!