Born in 2010: How Much is Left?

Check this out. It’s an interesting perspective on the Earth’s natural resources and how much is left for the “young bucks.”



Sleeping Beauty?

Silver bullet

Is there a trend here regarding production delays and silver? Well, Apple can attest to this. In January of 2013, Apple had to delay shipments of certain Mac books for over ten weeks, and the culprit was a lack of available industrial silver to complete mass production. This lead me to ponder on the idea that increasing industry demand will put pressure on the metal to perform and could result in a upswing on price (one can only hope).

Silver has been put under pressure due to demand for some time now and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that letting up. When I first started to learn about silver many years ago, it was surprising to find out where the precious metal ends up. From computers, gadgets, solar and medical equipment, silver can be found in a growing number of items and industries. The crazy thing is, demand…

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Au & Ag beginners Start learning base metals Non precious scrap 1st


(For) Au & Ag picker buyers / New To’s …. Start by learning the Non precious base metals scrap business 1st. It will help you immensely.

I also sell small amounts of gold and silver – to help regulate my own inventory – Some Current ebay listings – 07/16/14

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Birds of Prey Silver Bald Eagle

I am extremely excited about the new Birds of Prey series bald eagle coin. It has a very beautiful and clean design. I believe it comes out some time next week. I have to get a few, especially considering that the price of silver per ounce has dropped a little. Check it out and let me know what you think. In addition to his particular round, there are many others coming down the pike pretty soon. Let me know what you guys think and whether or not you’ll be purchasing one or a few.


Update: I actually ordered 8 of these after they released and I’m very impressed. It was much more of a joy to purchase them while the price of silver per ounce has been so low lately. Couple the lower silver prices with the low premiums that you can find with some precious metals dealers. I won’t lie, I was being a little cheap, that’s why I didn’t order more. I’m definitely going to purchase more. The interesting part about the process of purchasing silver rounds right now is to see just how low the price will get.